Officers and Committee:
President: Dr Thomas Ryan, PP RHA
Chairperson: Eamonn McQuade
Hon. Treasurer: Ann O'Carroll
Hon. Secretary: Michael Geraghty
Hon. Assistant Secretary: Bridget Henning
PRO: Tom Beckett

Margaret Ray
Ethel Murphy
Mary Dilleen McCarthy
Keith Fawcett
Jim Hartigan
Honorary Life-long Members:
Brenda Andrews
Tom Greaney
Barbara Hartigan
Roger McCarthy
Bernie O' Donnell
Frank O' Meara
Margaret Ray
Dr. Thomas Ryan, PP RHA
Aim of Limerick Art Society
The aims of the society are to bring art to people of all walks of life: to help beginners as well as accomplished artists to achieve artistic excellence
Founded in 1942 by the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Wyse Jackson, the LIMERICK ART SOCIETY is the oldest Art Society in Ireland. The Limerick Art Society has a large membership including some very fine artists among its ranks, as well as many members who, though non-painting, have supported the Society in various ways over the years. The aims of the Society are to bring art to people of all walks of life: to help beginners as well as accomplished artists to achieve artistic excellence. The Society holds two exhibitions a year as well as having a �Calendar of Events for artists and those interested in art.

In 1951 the Limerick Art Society was re-established by devotees such as Ms. Dolly Stewart, Frank Colbert, Stan Downing and Phil Andrews. Dr. Wyse Jackson continued to serve as President until 1970.

In 1971, Dr. Edward M. Walsh, took over as President of the Limerick Art Society. Dr. Walsh was also Chairman of the Planning Board (1970-1975) and Founding President of the Limerick National Institute of Higher Education and subsequently the University of Limerick, the first new University established by the Republic of Ireland.

In 1983, Dr. Walsh was succeeded by the present incumbent, Dr. Thomas Ryan PP RHA, the prominent and renowned, Limerick-born artist. Dr. Ryans love for his native city and his total commitment to the Society, is well known. Dr. Ryan gives regular public demonstration workshops in various media: watercolour paintings, portraits in oil or pastel and landscapes in any medium. In 1992, the President of Ireland, Dr. Mary Robinson performed the Opening Ceremony of the Societys Golden Jubilee Exhibition in the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

Over the years, the Limerick Art Society has hosted Art Exhibitions at venues of artistic and historical significance to Limerick, including The City Hall, The Bishops Palace and The Hunt Museum. The Society maintains its longstanding tradition of hosting the Limerick Art Society Annual Exhibition in the Limerick City Gallery of Art, in Pery Square, towards the end of each year.
Dr. Thomas Ryan and The Limerick Art Society
"Major activities of the Limerick Art Society are the practice and exhibition of oil painting, watercolours, pastel and chalk, and drawing. Landscapes, figure painting, marine subjects and flower studies are but some of the areas of interest to the Society."

"I have been President of the Limerick Art Society for over twenty years and during that time I have seen the Society expand into an important cultural amenity in Limerick and its surrounding areas. For anyone interested in Art, in its practise and appreciation, the Society offers instruction, exhibition opportunities and the companionship of like minded people. I, for one, have benefited from all these areas and I believe the prospects are equally inviting for newcomers." - Dr. Thomas Ryan PP RHA, President of the Limerick Art Society.
Thomas Ryan